About Hexa

Hexa helps sales teams of all sizes stop leaks in their sales funnels.

During the last several years, customers have hundreds of new choices for sales acceleration technologies. This means customers of all sizes have excellent point solutions to solve specific problems in their sales process. However, many of these solutions don’t communicate well together. This fragmentation means customers get lost every step of the sales cycle. It also means reps struggle to follow the sales process defined by their sales playbooks.

Ultimately, these sales leaks mean lost revenue.

With Hexa, these customers can finally stop these leaks. Hexa seamlessly integrates with all best in class sales technologies, providing an effective workflow to catch drop offs and generate more revenue. This value-added technology makes all other technologies more efficient and more profitable. With Hexa, customers experience lower customer acquisition cost, more leads in every stage of their sales process, and higher revenues.

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Management Team

Anders Fredriksson

CEO-Hacker & Co-founder

Marcus Sandberg

CSO & Co-founder

Brendan Short

VP Sales & Co-founder