Hexa Stops Leaks at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

From identifying target leads to approaching contacts to scheduling demos, Hexa helps stop leaks and boost revenue.

Every time prospects move from one stage of the sales cycle to the next, there’s a chance they could get lost. Over time, due to these leaks, teams will lose potential customers. Even if it is a relatively small number, this adds up to a significant amount of lost revenue.

Hexa integrates all your sales technologies so your sales team has better visibility into your sales process. Intelligent automation keeps track of target accounts so they don’t get lost. And as you continue to plug leaks across your entire sales funnel, your business experiences compounding revenue gains.

Here’s How Hexa Stops Leaks & Boosts Revenue Throughout the Sales Cycle



Ensuring that you are capturing your entire addressable market by finding all of your ideal customers is important. Without arming your sales team with all the potential clients, you are leaving money on the table. Hexa allows you translate that high-level goal into actionable items.


    Smarter Target Account Searches

    With Hexa, your sales team can stop losing target accounts before they become leads. Hexa runs alongside your existing sales tools and combines your databases using intelligent automation. This means more high-quality leads and better data for your sales team.

    • Multi-platform queries. Looking for your ideal customer across multiple databases? Hexa works on top of your existing tools to make them smarter. Simply run Hexa to target your ideal customer profile in all of your tools.
    • Add target accounts to your database. Once you’ve found an account that meets your ideal customer profile, Hexa adds them to your database and runs intelligent profile enhancement – automatically.

    Data-Driven Prospecting

    Finding target accounts for your sales team doesn’t tell the whole story. Through the power of big data intelligence, Hexa integrates with your CRM and fills in gaps for your prospects. This helps your sales team gain critical insights across technologies. And with better insights, your team is prepared to move more leads through the sales cycle and make more sales.

    • Enhance account data. Automatically retrieve target account data for a smarter sales approach.
    • Enhance contact data. Pull contact metadata from different sources into your CRM – automatically.
    • Personalization Engine. Create pre-configured sentences, then automatically personalize your approach at scale.
    • Sync Across Technologies. Make your sales technologies work better together by syncing data.

    Enhanced Approaching

    How do sales teams keep up with the volume of new lead contacts? How can they work across technologies to be as effective as possible meeting prospects on the right channel? And how can new sources of data like social media be used to generate more sales? Hexa answers these questions through intelligent approaching. With Hexa, you approach target accounts through partner sales techologies (such as or SalesLoft). Then Hexa provides automatic personalization by combining data across your sales technologies. This enhances your sales team’s efforts for smarter approaches. These small improvements add up to significantly reduced drop offs and compounding revenue gains.

    • Personalized email. There’s a wealth of data out there about your leads. Hexa takes this data and intelligently crafts personalized email messages for prospects, so you can export or have those synced directly into your email sending tool. This takes them from “cold” to “warm” with little effort on the part of your sales team.
    • Social touch. Social touch. Leverage social media to identify the most effective way to arrange introductions. Automatically mine your network for connections, then either find the best path to get intros, or intelligently warm your leads for direct outreach.

    Intelligent Reply Management

    A major source of lead drop offs is poor reply management.
    It used to be keeping track of leads – who to contact, who to follow-up with, who to call – had to be done manually. Notes had to be entered into CRM solutions. Sales team members had to manually review CRM entries for notes about specific leads. (“Remember to email Steve in August.”)
    Hexa now enhances your existing CRM and sales solutions through intelligent reply management. Stop losing leads. Start experiencing compounding revenue growth.

    • "Awaiting your reply." Through Gmail integration, Hexa finds emails that weren’t replied to by your sales team. Then it prompts your sales team to take action on every single one, giving every lead the follow up it deserves.
    • Customizable Automations. Does your company have specific steps in its sales playbook? There's more to your Working Pipeline, outside of what is in your email sending tool. Leads who are not currently in your email sending tool need to have automated areas where drop offs are caught. Contact us, and we’ll help optimize them for your sales team, without you having to change your process.

    Smart Demo Scheduling

    Closing sales relies on effective lead handoff to the demo team. With Hexa, that team is more informed with better data than ever before. Plus, Hexa helps keep leads ready for a demo (and ready to become customers) in the forefront of your sales team's attention.

    • Verbal Demo Commit. Hexa can enhance your sales team's efforts to keep on top of specific leads.
    • Reschedule Demo. Most sales depend on a successful demo. But sometimes, requests to reschedule demos get lost (or demos never get properly rescheduled). Hexa intelligently detects when a demo was scheduled but not completed, then automatically surfaces those to take action on them and get them rescheduled.

    Hexa helps your sales team make smarter approaches to contacts at your target accounts.
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