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Book 50% more meetings by making your SDRs efficiency machines.

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“I Can’t Believe How Much Time I Spent Doing Research Before Hexa”

Stop doing redundant tasks, start booking more meetings. FOCUS on revenue generating activities: talking on the phone, building relationships, overcoming objections, and booking meetings STOP doing unnecessary research, manually updating multiple systems, and copying data across tools.

Save Time & Money

Hexa makes your existing sales stack more efficient, helping your sales team achieve more in less time

Streamline Your Process

Hexa adapts to your custom sales process, automating manual work and streamlining sales efforts

Maintain Existing Technologies

Hexa works as a value-added solution to unite your sales technologies, syncing critical sales data and helping your team achieve better insights

Drive More Revenue

By stopping leaks in every stage of your sales process, Hexa helps your sales team close more qualified leads

Hexa integrates with over 15 sales, CRM, and other tools, including:

Data Source Providers



…With many more coming soon!

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