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Robust Integrations Across Data Sources, Email Sending Tools, CRM, and Other Enterprise Sales Technologies

Enterprise sales teams often work in silos, focusing on a single goal before passing leads onto another team. Though this allows enterprise sales to scale, it also creates ample opportunities for drop offs and lost sales. Emails from clients don’t get replies. Verbal demo commitments aren’t recorded. And data used by different teams across different tools sometimes conflicts.

Hexa solves these challenges and more by integrating data across all sales technologies. Once that data is integrated, Hexa offers intelligent automation tools to help keep leads warm and plug sales leaks. Over time, these features result in significant benefits for enterprise sales teams, such as saving time and money, streamlining your process, and most importantly driving more revenue for your company without having to change your existing process.

Here are some of the features Hexa offers enterprise sales teams.

How Does Hexa Help Your Enterprise Grow?

Save Time & Money

Hexa makes your existing sales stack more efficient, helping your sales team achieve more in less time

Streamline Your Process

Hexa adapts to your custom sales process, automating manual work and streamlining sales efforts


Maintain Existing Technologies

Hexa works as a value-added solution to unite your sales technologies, syncing critical sales data and helping your team achieve better insights

Drive More Revenue

By stopping leaks in every stage of your sales process, Hexa helps your sales team close more qualified leads

Hexa integrates with over 15 sales, CRM, and other tools, including:

Data Source Providers



…With many more coming soon!

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