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Hexa helps small and medium-sized businesses execute every stage of their sales process, maximizing budgets and lowering CAC

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Grow Your Business to the Next Level by Stopping Sales Leaks

As a small to medium-sized business, you know growth is essential. Sales functions require careful planning to ensure customer acquisition cost remains low. Since business owners often pay for tools out of their own pockets, maximizing value from sales technologies matters.

Hexa works with your existing sales tools to help you get the most value from them possible. By adding intelligent automation to each stage of your sales cycle, Hexa decreases drop offs. This delivers more revenue, lower CAC, and compounding business growth over time.

Here are some ways small businesses benefit from Hexa.

How Does Hexa Help Your Small Business Grow?

Stop Leaks and Save Time

Manual tasks are a leading cause of sales leaks. Hexa automates sales processes in the background, stopping leaks and saving time.

Enhanced Approaching

Through pulling the right metadata about target accounts, your sales team is able to identify which leads are most likely to close. Personalized emails help warm contacts before a sales pitch and work automatically, saving your team time.


Integration with Existing Tools

Instead of adding another complicated tool to your sales stack, Hexa works on top of the tools you already use. No complicated training needed – after one set-up call, Hexa will start automatically showing you the leaks in your sales funnel.

Drive More Revenue

By stopping leaks in every stage of your sales process, Hexa helps your sales team close more qualified leads.

Hexa integrates with over 15 sales, CRM, and other tools, including:

Data Source Providers



…With many more coming soon!

Why Customers Love Hexa

Stop Sales Leaks and Grow Your Business Now

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