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When Every Resource Counts, Hexa Helps Your Startup Close More Sales

How do sales teams get more leads into top-of-funnel and through the pipeline as quickly as possible? How can they work across technologies to be as effective as possible meeting prospects on the right channel? And how can new sources of data like social media be used to generate more sales?

For many startups, sales is one of the most critical functions. Yet it’s also one of the most challenging to get right. Tight budgets mean even losing small drop offs during your sales process significantly impacts revenue. Drop offs could even put future business growth – or additional funding from investors – in jeopardy.

Hexa helps startups like yours tighten their sales processes. Through connecting your sales tools through a central hub, you’ll have a more intelligent view of your current sales efforts. This helps you optimize your process for growth. Hexa’s intelligent automation efforts detect drop offs and bring them to your team’s attention. Because of this, your team can connect with more prospects and close more sales.

Here are some of the specific benefits Hexa brings to startups.

How Does Hexa Help Your Startup Grow?

Time-Saving Reply Management

Lean teams need to maximize their time efficiency. Hexa’s reply automation helps nurture relationships with leads automatically.

Enhanced Insights

Researching every target account takes significant time and resources – something most startups simply can’t afford. Hexa automatically builds robust profiles for your target accounts using data across multiple services.


Same Tools, Better Value

Hexa works as a value-added tool to unite your sales technologies, syncing critical sales data and helping your team achieve better insights

Drive More Revenue

By stopping leaks in every stage of your sales process, Hexa helps your sales team close more qualified leads.

Hexa integrates with over 15 sales, CRM, and other tools, including:

Data Source Providers



…With many more coming soon!

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